About Edukos Academy

About Edukos

Edukos Academy is a World-class Canadian international private school that is located in Ontario, Canada. We present exceptional education, leading to the attainment of the Ontarian Canadian High School Diploma Certification to both Canadian and International students. Our education methodologies rely on up-to-date technology, creativity, open-mindedness, project-based learning, and collaboration between students.

Our faculty provides personal support & attention, helping students to customize their paths & realize what’s within The application of the human code of ethics as in equality, collaboration, and community service is the core of our student’s daily schedule, leading to the establishment of a real-life education foundation where principles and values are the pillars on which it is established.

Hader Ibrahim

Edukos Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Hader Ibrahim to the position of School principal starting August 1, 2022.

Hader Ibrahim joins Edukos Academy from the Ministry of Education, where he has been an Education Officer since 2015.

Mr. Ibrahim has over 35 years of experience as an educator, consultant and school administrator. He has most recently been a superintendent with the Durham Catholic district school board. Prior to joining the Ministry of Education, Mr. Ibrahim was a Secondary School Principal in Toronto with the French Catholic District School Board.

Mr. Ibrahim obtained his Masters of Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York and is currently pursuing his PhD in Leadership. He has training in SAN’YAS: Indigenous Cultural Safety from the Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia and holds a Certificate of Spiritual Direction from the Mount Carmel Monastery, in Niagara Falls. Mr. Ibrahim is trilingual in English, French and Arabic.

We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Ibrahim into our school and we look forward to building a great future for all of our students!

Dr. Mark Hanna
Head of School

Head of School's Welcome

   I want to expand to you and your family, a very warm welcome to Edukos Academy. School is an exciting time with our children and youths embarking on new challenges and adventures in the school setting and beyond.  I believe that each one of us has a gift that was given to serve a particular purpose.

One thing that differentiates Edukos academy is that belief  that the process of learning and growth is most fruitful when it is shared with others. By that I mean, once we truly understand that the only common thing between us is that we are all different, we will realize that it is because of these variations but when humans come together towards a common goal, beauty and art are created.

My hope is for you is to realize that Edukos academy is not only a world class academic institution, but it is rather a dynamic and holistic environment that strives to facilitate what is beautiful in each of us. I believe that when we share the beauty of our gifts, together we can create a master piece that can impact lives, and transform our world.

This is your environment, this is your institution, and this is the time for all of use to realize that the world is a global village wherein we must utilize the talents that we were given to serve others. Come learn, teach, share your knowledge, impact others, and most importantly, use the unique gift that was given to you to seek and fulfill the purpose that you were called for.


A History of Comprehensive Education Service Provided on Campus and Online

We are a Canadian school based in Ontario, Canada. We provide a high standard of the Canadian Education Curriculum to students around the globe through virtually , monitored classes and in – person learning .

Our Canadian curriculum relies on 2 main basic foundations: Preparing our students for today’s global, knowledge based economy, & character development.

Global knowledge-based economy Our students acquire the skills of inquiry and critical thinking, through exploring new ideas , and the implementation of project based learning, allowing them to develop learning skills and work habits that are based on responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative, and self – regulation.

Character development: We believe that every human being has unique hidden talents that are revealed when exposed to new challenges that lead to character development. At Edukos academy, we support the ministry’s character development initiative as outlined in Finding common ground: character development in Ontario schools K-12 which focuses on helping students to “learn about and put into practice attributes such as respect, responsibility, fairness, and empathy. We want our student to develop self-discipline and the personal management skills that will make their communities, workplaces, and lives the best that they can be” ( Ontario Ministry of Education, October 2006, p.2).

Our Philosophy

Edukos academy’s philosophy is built on guiding students on their mission to realize their intellectual, physical , and creative potential, to develop a generation of young students who are able to use tools effectively, interact in heterogenous groups, and act autonomously to solve their community problems wherever they are .

Who can apply ?

All students can apply for grades K-12 from all over the world, giving everyone an opportunity to acquire real Canadian Education and receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

All our graduates will acquire the Ontario secondary school diploma, allowing our students to access international universities around the world .